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Before contacting support..
Before contacting XKit Support, please make sure you’ve used the tools available online. Since I’m getting a lot of questions each day, getting an answer to your question can take a long time. Using these tools and pages will save both your and my time.

Use Troubleshooting Tool
The Troubleshooting Tool asks you questions to determine and help you with the problem you are having.Go!

Check the FAQ
Your question might already be answered in the XKit FAQ.Go!

If you are using an old version of XKit, it might have bugs that have been fixed since you’ve downloaded it.Go!

XKit 5.6 and lower and beta extensions are not supported.
Before sending me a message, please note that XKit 5.4 and lower is no longer supported.
Likewise, support is not provided for extensions labeled “Beta” or “Not intended for end-users.”
Still nothing? Contact support.

Copy your XKit Diagnostics Log
The XKit Diagnostics log contain information needed by me to diagnose what kind of problem you are having.
You can get your diagnostics log by going to http://www.tumblr.com/xkit_log.

Upload your log somewhere.
I recommend PasteBin.

Submit to the XKit Blog the link to the PasteBin you’ve uploaded, the problem you are having, and what you were doing when that problem arose. The more information, the quicker the fix will arrive. Please make sure you describe the error. Sometimes, just the Diagnostics Log enough can’t help me identify the problem you are having.

Submit your XKit Log + problem
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