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XIM Guide

Get started with XIM quickly.

What is XIM?

XIM (XKit Instant Messenger) comes with XKit 7 and lets you send instant messages to other XIM users.
Your blog URL becomes your screen name, so there is no need to sign up for anything.

How can I get started?

Add people and you are ready to go.

After installing XKit 7, you'll see the XIM button on your right sidebar. Click on it and it'll sign you in.
Click on the "Add Person" button, enter someone's URL and if they have XIM, they will appear on your dashboard with a green box next to their names. From there, you can click on their name, type your message and send it.


XIM has several emoticons embedded. If you don't like, you can turn off emoticons from the XKit control panel.









Remove People

To remove someone, click on their names on your sidebar while holding the ALT button on your keyboard.


XIM shows the status of people in a small circle next to their URLs.

In buddy list and online.

In buddy list and offline.

Not in buddy list (status unknown)


Service status

XIM is in beta and there will be some downtime from time to time.
Please visit and follow the XIM Status blog for up-to-date service status.
Go to the XIM Status blog