Troubleshooting Tool - XKit 7 - The Browser Extension for Tumblr

XKit Troubleshooting Tool

Let's fix the problem you are having together.

XKit is missing or not working properly?

You need XKit 7.4.2 or higher. Please upgrade.

Before we start

Please read all the following items carefully.


Update your browser

Please update your web browser. XKit might behave weirdly on older web browsers.

Update XKit

If you are running XKit 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Next, please upgrade to XKit 7. This tool is for XKit 7 users only.

Disable other extensions

Disable all other Tumblr extensions, especially themes and Stylish / Greasemonkey user scripts.
Some of them interfere with XKit and prevent it from working properly.

Create new user

(Chrome only) Sometimes, creating a new user on Chrome (under Settings > Users) fixes all the problems, especially if XKit is reinstalling itself all the time or refuses to install/boot up. This is related to a Chrome storage bug.

Error 101 or "Can't reach" error?

Make sure your proxy, anti-virus and ISP is not blocking connections to,, or any of it's subdomains.

Enabled SSL and XKit is missing now?

You need XKit 7.4.2 or higher for XKit to work properly with SSL Security option on.
Please update your XKit.

Did all?

Start the Troubleshooting tool only if you did all of the things listed below and still experiencing problems.
Start the XKit Troubleshooting Tool!