Unimplementable stuff - XKit 7 - The Browser Extension for Tumblr

Unimplementable stuff

Things I can't help you with.

The list of things XKit can't do

Below is a list of things I can't add to XKit.

  • Anon / IP Tracker
  • Ability to make your sideblog your main blog
  • Ability to send asks from your sideblog
  • Bypass daily posting (250 posts/day) or queue (300 posts) limit
  • Post limit counter
  • Photo filters
  • Prevent people from sending you Fan Mail
  • Prevent people from visiting your blog / following you
  • Automatic / Manual source changing
  • Ability to delete all your posts at once
  • Ability to follow password protected blogs
  • Ability to shuffle the dashboard, drafts or posts on any page other than Shuffle.
  • Mass Unfollow / Follow / Uploading
  • Filtering dashboard by type (no longer possible.)
The stuff listed above is either technically impossible, or would be so impractical to implement, or would be annoying to others
(like automatic source changing) and violate blogging etiquette, so won't be added to XKit.

Please do not send me asks requesting any of the features listed above.
Thank you.
Not listed? Great!
If the feature you were going to ask me to implement is not listed above, send me an ask!
Send an ask