XKit 7 - The Browser Extension for Tumblr
Now You Can
Reblog Yourself
Have an outbox for asks
Tag your asks
Block posts
Shuffle your queue
Filter your dashboard
Download audio posts
Customize your sidebar
Tweak your dashboard
Customize everything
Wrap tags
See tags on sidebar
See blogs on header
Reblog as text
Auto-update XKit
Have timestamps
Mass Edit Asks
Reply to notifications
Have a kitten
Read More in dashboard
Have a wide-dash
Shorten posts
Blacklist posts
Theme your dash
Blacklist words
Quickly view tags
Mass delete / unlike
Sync your settings
Have dashboard widgets
Have tag bundles
View other people's tags
Post Crushes
Highlight posts
XKit 7. The extension framework for Tumblr.
Available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
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40+ in One
Reblog yourself. Post your crushes. Block the posts you don't like. Blacklist words. Shorten long posts. Even automatically scroll your dashboard. With more than 40 extensions and 100 features, XKit packs more than any other extension.
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Completely Yours
Disable or even remove the features you don't like. Get new extensions without updating XKit using the XKit Extension Gallery. Customize your dashboard with pre-made themes, or make your own. XKit provides customizability beyond any other extension.
Always up to date
XKit automatically updates its extensions so you don't have to. When a new extension or feature is available, or when Tumblr changes something and breaks a feature, you are informed using XKit Mail right on your dashboard.
Free and Open
XKit is completely free of charge, and open source. You can write your own extensions or inspect extensions already available on the extension gallery, and submit yours.
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